The Green Shift: An International Conference on Circular Economy and Sustainable Development in Arts and Culture

Čačak Public Library, Serbia, 28-29 September 2023

Čačak Public Library, Serbia, together with the Desk Creative Europe Belgrade, is organizing an international conference on the circular economy and sustainable development, “The Green Shift”, Čačak, 28-29 September 2023.

Preservation of the cultural heritage and support to contemporary artistic practice in the context of sustainable development, both seen here as an economic development and green-agenda aware development, will be in the focus of the planned conference. The event will provide a forum for presenting or initiating local actions, as well as national and international projects in cultural and creative industries, that will provide development of more inclusive societies aware of climate issues, but also of alternative economic principles applicable in culture and resources-efficient use of material in the creative sector.

The notion of the circular economy as an alternative economic framework has gained significant momentum in recent years, as it is seen as offering an approach to achieving local, national and global sustainability. Important strategic documents, such as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations or the European Green Deal of the European Union, as well as initiatives such as the New European Bauhaus, call for action by both developed and developing countries.

Main subtopics of the conference are:
– sustainable activities in culture and creative industries which supports circular economy
– routines and processes which are environmentally sustainable and economically viable, with the respect to reuse of resources
– sustainable and green buildings, offices, and equipment
– management of resources, institutions, projects and people that supports SDG agenda
– examples of best practices in education, literacy, community engagement, cross cultural diversity, social inclusion, and overall participation of communities in artistic and creative green agenda projects
– artistic creativity and sustainable development today.

If you have an idea for collaboration or a proposal for participation please send it to Dr Bogdan Trifunović at We are looking forward to your proposals before August 1, 2023!

Image credit: Ivana Stojković Knežević

Image credit: Ivana Stojković Knežević