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Rights and Duties

– To be registered at the Public Library “Vladislav Petković Dis” in Čačak, each user has to present his I.D. card and give accurate personal details.
– To use the book funds, each reader has to pay a registration fee. The one-year registration costs 400 dinars for the adults and 200 dinars for children between 7 and 15, also for users of the subsidiaries (Preljina, Mrčajevci, Prijevor, Zablaće).
– The membership in the library is valid for all departments and all other services of the City Library, whether the member is registered to the children’s department, section for the adults or one of the subsidiaries.
– From the day of registration, the membership card is valid for one-year period.
– The user is obliged to bring the membership card each time when entering the library.
– Users have the following services at their disposal during the whole year: the book funds of the library, several reading rooms and the Internet Club (half an hour daily is free of charge).
– The users cannot borrow more than two books at a time, and the books can be kept for 15 days.
– This loan period can be prolonged another 15 days via telephone or personally.
– If a user keeps a book longer than permitted, he has to pay a fee. He pays 100 dinars when the book is kept more than three months. If the user keeps the book between three and six months longer than allowed, the fee is 300 dinars. If the loan period is exceeded more than half a year, the user loses his right of membership in the library.
– The users are obliged to treat the borrowed material carefully and responsibly and to preserve it as a common good that is not to be damaged, sold or destroyed.
– A user who hasn’t returned a borrowed book in time has to give it back immediately when summoned by the library.
– A user has to replace damaged or lost book by a new one. Otherwise he has to pay a fee of three times the present value of the lost book.
– It is prohibited to glue the books with any kind of glue or adhesive tape. A book that is glued in this way is considered damaged.
– If a user is looking for material that momentarily isn’t in the book fund or is borrowed by another user, he can reserve it.
– The loss of the membership card has to be reported to the library at once. To obtain a substitute card, the user has to pay a fee of 30 dinars.
– With the registration in the library, the user commits himself to obeying all the regulations according to the “rules for conditions, use and protection of the library material”.
A user, who behaves improperly, distracts the librarians from their work or willfully damages the book funds or the library’s facilities will be punished by temporary or permanent exclusion from the membership in the library.
– In the premises of the library, it is not permitted to use mobile phones, to smoke and to bring food or drinks.
– With his registration in the library, each user obtains the right to use all the book funds of the library and to turn to the librarians for advice about the use of the funds and the other services (ordering books from other libraries, searching the websites of the Serbian National Library) and to get help with the use of the cardboard catalogues.