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Reading rooms

The Public Library “Vladislav Petković Dis” offers its users several reading-rooms where they can work and read publications from the library. It also puts other library material at their disposal and is anxious to comply with the needs and interests of the readers.

  • In the reading-room of the Reference Collections department, which offers space for 12 readers, the users can read specialised literature from the collections of this department.
  • The reading-room of the Children’s department is designed especially for our youngest readers. Here the children have the opportunity to play and make friends with others while they are reading, looking at picture-books, making drawings, paintings and collages or doing anything else they are interested in. The reading-room disposes of space for 15 children.
  • The reading-room with the daily press can be found in the “Virer” building in the Street of Gospodar Jovanova 6, where the users can read several different daily newspapers and many popular magazines. It provides space for 15 readers.