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The legacy of Milivoje and Božidarka Filipović

Legacy of Milivoje (1871-1941) and Božidarka Filipović (1874-1958) is a precious personal library, unique in Serbia, and includes more than 4000 monographs and serial publications, for example a complete edition of The Serbian Literary Herald (new and old series), The Anniversary of Nikola Čupić, etc. This legacy is kept within Reference Collections department.

This cultural possession of extraordinary importance is preserved in eight closed bookshelves. The books represent just one component of the legacy that includes also documentary materials and archive that belonged to the deceased owner. All publications were published at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. The collection is complete – nothing has been added or changed after Milivoje’s death.

The collection is extraordinarily rare, especially within Serbia, and that is the reason why the Filipović legacy represents an important repository of Čačak’s cultural identity. This unique book fund doesn’t only attract local researchers, but also scientists from all over Serbia. This fund has been the topic of many TV features, broadcasts and texts. The fund was mentioned for the first time in Yugoslavian encyclopedia from 1955, and later it appeared in many other publications. The broad bibliography about the legacy is kept along with the collection.

The library is planning a scientific research project: the creation of a complete catalogue of the Filipović fund in two volumes, with a detailed inventory of Milivoj’s many precious notes and remarks. The aim of the project is to present the history of one of the most important private libraries in Western Serbia, and at the same time to illustrate the social life in the late 19th and early 20th century.

The legacy of Jovan Davidović (1925-1979)

After Davidović’s death, the library was given 1757 monographs, periodicals and other material as a present by Davidović’s family. Davidović used to collect books, dictionaries, calendars and all kinds of rare publications passionately. The oldest book in the Davidović’s legacy is the Biblia sacra, published in Rome in 1592. The oldest Serbian book is Jovan Pajić’s History of the different Slavonic peoples from 1794.

Calendars are an important part of the legacy. The oldest publication is from 1855 (author unknown), followed by the calendars “Pančevac” from 1876 and “Vardar” from 1909, as well as many others. Jovan Davidović left many periodicals, photos, postcards and other material to the library’s Local History Collections department.

The legacy of Siniša Paunović

Public Library opened memorial room of Siniša Paunovic (1903-1995), a well-known journalist and collector born in Čačak. The Paunović family dedicated a part of Siniša’s personal legacy with some 2.000 books, paintings, personal objects etc. The legacy is a part of our Local History Collections department.