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The Internet has become an inevitable part of our daily work as well as of research and sciences. The Public Library is anxious to offer appropriate possibilities to search electronic databases, catalogues, Internet resources and electronic bibliographies, to its users. In the Internet Club, the users have the opportunity to search for information themselves, and use other services the Internet offers, for example email. The Library also provides Internet access free-of-charge in its branch libraries in Mrcajevci and Zablace, with the plans to provide the same service in other subsidiaries very soon.

The Public Library Cacak is a local administrator for several Internet services and databases, which are available to the users inside our facilities:

  • The library members can register with free admission as users of the Consortium of Serbian libraries for united acquisition of books (KoBSON) via the library. KoBSON offers the possibility of accessing over 15.000 electronic journals from every scientific field.
  • We are subscribed to Ebart-Medijska dokumentacija database of press-clipings (which includes texts published in the Serbian newspapers from 2005 onward).
  • In 2011 The Public Library Cacak became the member of eLibraryUSA services and databases, with numerous resources at the disposal of the patrons via the Internet.

All library users have the possibility to benefit from advantages of the electronic way of communication. The librarians can considerably ease the work of the users by helping them find a certain publication or bibliographical unit. The librarians can help with the search for electronic catalogues of the National Library and other libraries, also with the electronic system of book-loan between libraries.