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Book lending

Registered users can only use the funds of the Public Library. They have to show their membership card before they can borrow books. The membership in the library is valid for all departments and all other services of the Public Library, whether the member is registered to the children’s department, section for the adults or one of the subsidiaries.

Books can be borrowed for 15 days, and this loan period can be prolonged for another 15 days (personally or via telephone). After the expiration of this term, the books have to be returned. The users can borrow up to two titles at the same time, but they don’t have to return them simultaneously.

In the Reference Collections department, there are only books that have to remain in the library and cannot be borrowed. They can only be used in the reading room of that department. Via the interlibrary loan system, the Reference Collections department also enables the users to order books that can only be found in the funds of other public libraries in Serbia (the National Library of Serbia, the library of the “Matica srpska” and others). Those books are available between 7 and 10 days after ordering, and the conditions and rules of borrowing and usage are the same as those for the other books from the fund of The Public Library.

It is prohibited to write on the books, to handle them carelessly, to glue them, to tear out pages or to damage them in any other way. Books that have been handled like this are considered damaged, and the user has to replace the book by a new sample of the same title or pay a fine three times higher than the value of the damaged book.
A user who keeps a book between one and three months has to pay a penalty of 100 dinars. When he keeps the book between three and six months, the penalty is 300 dinars, and if a book is kept longer than half a year, legal proceedings will be taken and the user permanently loses his right of membership in the library.