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Book collections

The whole material of the Public Library “Vladislav Petković Dis”, about 150.000 physical units, is divided into several different book collections, so the books can be more easily classified (according to the system of the universal decimal classification UDK), managed and presented to the users:

– The adult readers department collection consists of more than 60.000 books from the world literature of the classical period, the Middle Ages, the early modern era and contemporary literature, as well as national literature with history of literature and literary criticism. There is also an important collection of non-fictional literature (ordered by scientific fields – everything from philosophy to history). The access to the collection is allowed to the users, and they can look themselves for the book they are interested in.
– The children’s department collection consists of about 35.000 publications from the national and international literature for children, reference literature designed especially for children (encyclopedias, dictionaries, collections, and atlases), picture books and others.
– The Reference Collections includes technical literature from all scientific fields, as well as reference literature, old and rare books in possession of the Public Library, and the important collection of the legacy of the brother and sister Filipović (about 4.000 units). The fund amounts to more than 20.000 publications and represents the most carefully selected collection of specialized literature in Čačak and surroundings.
– The Local History Collections counts 7.000 publications and includes all works that were published or printed in Čačak, works by writers who live in Čačak or are originally from the city and the region, and all the books that concern the region of Čačak, its history, geography, culture, economy etc. It is a collections of great variety: apart from books, it includes more than a thousand posters, older and newer photos, letters, manuscripts, documents, and also the legacy of Jovan Davidović (2004 publications) and of Siniša Paunović (this collection is currently being indexed and organized).
– The collection of the Journals and Magazines department consists of 315 titles of national technical magazines that have been published between 1925 and today. They cover every field of research: literature, literary criticism, culture, arts, pedagogy, history, and computer science. To find a complete list of all magazines click here.
– The collection of books in foreign languages consists of works in French (in The Club of Friends of the French culture, there are about 200 French books) and German (163 titles, most of them reference literature). The library also owns a large amount of books in English, Russian and other languages, but as the library hasn’t got enough rooms at its disposal, we’re not able to provide access to those books at the moment.