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Publishing trade

The Public Library has been developing its own publishing trade for decades. For over 35 years the library has developed a long tradition in publishing and its publications have become a sort of hallmark for the institution itself. From a modest beginning in 1969 with the 12-page unsigned book under the title “Public Library development program: 1970 – 1975”, also known as “the blue book” because of its plain and color fading blue-gray cover, today the Public Library “Vladislav Petković Dis” publishes at least two books every year (The guest’s book (Knjiga gosta), Mainstream (Tokovi)), professional magazine The Voice of the Library (Glas biblioteke), the newspaper Dis’ spring (Disovo proleće), the catalogue from the edition Exhibition catalogues as well as publications from other editions.

The library became a verified publisher in 1978 and since then the close attention has been bestowed upon the publishing trade and therefore, nowadays, it is considered one of the leading publishers among public libraries in Serbia. The publishing trade has been developing in two directions: 1. following the tradition of the event “Dis’ spring” with the editions “the Guest’s book”, “Mainstream”, “Murmurs”(Žubori), and the newspaper “Dis’ spring”, and 2. publishing the publications which shed light on the topics from the past of the town of Čačak and its surroundings through catalogues, bibliographies, or special and applicable editions. In the 1990’s the attention was focused on the local history bibliography and as a consequence the edition under the same title was initialized in 1992.


The library employees have gradually become aware of how important it is to have systematically planned and developmentally structured publishing trade for the sake of its own quality. That is how the editions The guest’s book (1973), Mainstream (1979), Murmurs (1983), the Local History library Fountains (1983) (Vrela), editions Exhibition catalogues (1984), Local history bibliography (1992), Sundial (1999) (Sunčanik), newspaper Dis’ spring (since 1971), professional magazine The Voice of the Library (1988) were founded. The circumstances under which the Library was performing its work during the years have been unfavorable for the continuity of the publishing trade; for that reason some of the editions vanished or did not revive at all (Fountains, Sundial).