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Digitization Center was established at the beginning of the year 2008 as the first one among the public libraries in Serbia. That way, digitization work of the Local History Collection materials has been institutionalized and the process itself started in 2006 at the Public Library in Čačak. The Center is supposed to project, organize, carry out and suggest all the activities related to digitization of the materials, its long term storage, conservation and usage by employees and users. Additionally, the Center for digitization organizes the Web presentations for the Library, offers technical and informational support to the employees and users in the fields of computer science and information technology; suggests and implements solutions regarding automatization of the institution’s business and application of the information technology for the library activities.



Digital Library – The long-standing program (since 2006) – digitization of the library materials at the Public Library in Čačak whose aim is to preserve and enable better availability of the local cultural heritage in digital form, The project supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the Republic of Serbia. In June 2009 the Digital Library was pronounced the best project done by any public library in Serbia in the period 2006 – 2009 at the annual professional conference of the Serbian librarians “Biblionet” in Sombor (organized by the Parent Library Community of Serbia and the public library “Karlo Bijelicki” from Sombor).

Web archive of Čačak – The project of the digital archiving of the Internet domains and Web sites of great significance for cultural and historical heritage of Čačak and its surroundings.

Local History Collection – The project of software solution implementation in order to present digitized local history heritage through the Internet in a simple and understandable way for users. The aims of this project are adaptation and making of the software suitable for quick and simple creating of the smaller digital collections which would be free for download. Link:

Digitization Diary – Digitization Center of the Public Library “Vladislav Petković Dis” released Digitization Diary – the system which manages information in the process of the library material digitization and Microsoft Access data base. The software release is followed by the publishing of the document “Digitization Diary: User Guide” available in PDF format under Creative Commons 3.0 license. Digitization Diary is free to download at the address , while the document “Digitization Diary: User Guide was published as an electronic document in PDF (Portable Document Format) format on the address , under Creative Commons 3.0 license. To understand the license terms and terms of use of the Instructions visit: