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Local History

The Local History Collections department was established in 1974. Today, it disposes of a fund of 7000 books and 48 magazine and newspaper titles that are published regularly, and about 3000 other materials apart from books (photographies, postcards, posters, invitations, manuscripts, newspaper cuttings, tape recordings and others).

The department can be found in the Street of Gospodar Jovanova 6 in the “Virer” house. It is open from Monday till Friday from 7:30 until 14:30.

The fund of this section is based on the principle that there has to be a close relation between the publisher, printing-house, writer or topic with Čačak or the surrounding region, respectively the Morava district (partly).

The fund consists of:
– Publications about the region of Čačak, no matter where the writer was born
– All publications of writers born in Čačak or the surrounding area, no matter where they were published
– All existing publications about Čačak

In the Local History Collections department there are also two legacies. The legacy of Jovan Davidović (2000 books) also includes a precious collection of rare dictionaries and books from foreign countries, while the legacy of Siniša Paunović (being prepared at the moment) also disposes of precious manuscripts and archive materials.