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Journals and Magazines

On the first floor of the building in Gospodar Jovanova 6 Street, you can find the Department of Journals and Magazines. In this department, which was established in 1977, users are able to find everything they are interested in, from different professional domains to the field of general culture. The section even owns individual magazines from 1925, which are preserved as a special rarity. Although we are proud of those old samples of magazines, the majority of the library’s magazines date from the seventies. We have a really impressive number of titles (315) and about 40 of them are up-to-date at the moment. The users also have access to older issues of the magazines that are not being published any longer.

From our rich collection of titles, we want to point out the ones which are most often looked for: Mostovi, Novi Zvuk, Reč, Povelja, Savremenik, Jezik Danas, Nastava i Vaspitanje, Pedagoška Stvarnost, Psihologija, Folklor, Tokovi istorije, Drama, Svet Kompjutera…

Whether you are a student or a pupil and have to write a paper or an essay, or you are already working in your profession and want to keep up with new developments in your field, come and visit us!

Your suggestions about publications you would need or find interesting are of great importance to us when we decide which titles are to be acquired.