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Central Registration

The Central Registration Department of the Public Library “Vladislav Petković Dis” in Čačak is responsible for the development and promotion of the activities of the libraries on the territory of the district of Morava. Those activities are precisely defined by legal regulations. This section exercises its central function in four municipalities in the district of Morava: Čačak, Gornji Milanovac, Lučani and Ivanjica. The net of libraries of the district of Morava consists of the following libraries:
– The main library – The City Library “Vladislav Petković Dis” in Čačak with subdivisions in Mrčajevci, Zablaće, Preljina and Prijevor.
– Three municipal libraries:
The library “Braća Nastasijević” in Gornji Milanovac
The library of “The Center of Culture, Sports and Tourism” in Guča
The library “Svetislav Vulović” in Ivanjica
– Three special libraries:
The library of the historical archive
The library of the National Museum
The library of the company of “Cer”
– Ten high school libraries: Čačak (6), Gornji Milanovac (2), Lučani (1), Ivanjica (1)
– Thirty-four school libraries in primary schools

In its sector of activities, the central registration department is in charge of the register for the district libraries also using an electronic data base under the structure of the unified program Net of Serbian Libraries, and annually keeps up-to-date the information about the activities of the libraries in the district of Morava.

The central registration department also supports the libraries with expert knowledge in order to form, order and renovate its book fund, to manage work on publications, to catalogue them by means of automating its processes and promoting cultural and educational activities.

It controls professionalism of the libraries’ work and provides the application of librarian standards and regulations. It also cares for further education of new staff by organizing seminars, consultations and schooling in librarianship. It monitors the conditions and necessities of the libraries with purpose to promote the activities of all the libraries. The central registration department cooperates with the libraries of the district in cultural and educational activities.