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At present, the Public Library “Vladislav Petković Dis” has four branch libraries, namely in Preljina, Mrčajevci, Prijevor and Zablaće. There are more than 23.000 books in those departments at the moment.

The library in Preljina was established immediately after the Second World War, but had to end its activities after only a few years of working. Due to commitment of the elementary school teacher Miroslav Jovanović, the library point in Preljina was reopened in 1964. With its work, this library point of the Public Library “Vladislav Petković Dis” has been fulfilling the wishes of many readers in 40 years now. Today, the library resides in “Dom culture” (Cultural Center). It owns a fund of 5.000 books and has 250 registered users, mostly pupils and children of preschool age.

The cooperation of residents and experts in the sixties facilitated the inauguration of the library “Mišo Gajević” in Mrčajevci. Until 1977, this library was functioning as a municipal library; afterwards it was incorporated into the Public Library Čačak. Today, the library in Mrčajevci is a branch library of the Public Library “Vladislav Petković Dis”. The department resides in the premises of the local Cultural Center. There is space for ten readers in the reading room, and the library is open for the users twice a week. The fund includes about 10.000 books, and there are 400 registered users at the moment.

In the village of Prijevor, The National Library with a reading room was established in 1935. It kept on working until the beginning of the Second World War. After the liberation, the residents of Prijevor opened up a library that worked until 1963. After a 12-year break, this branch library resumed working, and in the course of the year 1985, it obtained its own rooms in the renovated Cultural Center of Prijevor. In the summer of 1995, the library was closed down. It was renovated and reopened in 2002. The library in Prijevor is a library point of the Public Library “Vladislav Petković Dis”. At present, it has a fund of approximately 3.000 books and 200 users.

In Zablaće, the library was established before the Second World War, and was – like the other  branch libraries – closed down during the war. Only in 1965 did this library resume working, but the difficult conditions, inappropriate premises and both small amount of books and users contributed to the closing of the department. For almost twenty years, the birthplace of Vladislav Petković Dis didn’t have a library. In 2003, the Public Library “Vladislav Petković Dis” opened its fourth branch library on the territory of the township of Čačak. The library resides in the recently built Cultural Centre and has room for ten readers. At the moment, its fund consists of 4.287 books and there are 380 registered users.

The branch libraries of the Public Library are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 14:00: in Mrčajevci on Monday and Thursday, in Zablaće on Tuesday, in Prijevor on Thursday and in Preljina on Friday.