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The Public Library “Vladislav Petković Dis” is the oldest cultural institution in Čačak and one of the oldest public libraries in Serbia. Founded in 1848, during the period of one and a half century the library of Čačak was being moved from one place to another several times. Nowadays it is the main library for the district of Morava, situated in the western part of Serbia, and it is in charge of public libraries of Gornji Milanovac, Guca and Ivanjica, also responsible for three special libraries, 10 high school and 34 primary school libraries. Čačak, with 100.000 inhabitants on average, is the administrative centre of the district of Morava and it is industrial, trading and cultural centre in this part of Serbia.

Our library bears its name in honour of Vladislav Petković Dis (1880-1917), a well-known Serbian poet born in Zablaće, a village near the town of Čačak, whose hard and tragical life depicted his poetry. Vladislav Petković Dis had published only two books of poetry prior to his death during the First World War, but his poetry still has a great influence on modern Serbian poetry and literature.

Through book lending and various programmes, such as workshops, exhibitions, internet and other contents, The Public Library “Vladislav Petković Dis” aims to spread basic principles of modern library and information science: free information for everybody, anywhere and anytime, popularization of book and reading, cultural and social interchange and diversity. Feel free to explore our small world!

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